Virtual Group Clinics for Diabetes Annual Reviews are now available at your practice!

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What is a virtual group consultation?

Virtual group consultations are a way for you to spend more time with your specialist Diabetic nurse, get your one to one review (after your appointment with the HCA) and get answers to your questions alongside others living with similar health issues from the comfort of your own home! Share your experiences and others within the group plus you may also get advice from doctors, pharmacists, physiotherapists, dieticians, social prescribing link workers and health coaches in this way. Group attendance is aimed at between 6  -10 people and confidentiality is always respected.

Q: What happens at a virtual group consultation (VGC)?

A: At your video group clinic you get the clinical review and support you need. You get answers to your specific questions and there is group discussion about health issues too.

An explanation of VGCs:

An explanation of the VGC consent process:

If you have Diabetes and are interested in taking part in a Virtual Group Consultation, or wish to find out more,  please contact your surgery reception.